How do you do?

What do we do?

Business analysis

We have developed a business analysis concept, which, based on in depth interviews, enables our customers to find the real underlying cause of their main issues. Based on our long-term experience we guide the customer how to transfer their main issues into possibilities.

Balanced growth

All companies are in need of a balanced growth. The Company Gardeners can provide you with a senior advisor who has the expertise and experience to create a balanced growth for your business.

Change management

Is your company about to undergo change? The Company Gardeners provide change management with years of experience from many fields. Our consultants work with effective and well tested solutions for successful change management work.

Interim management

The Company Gardeners provide successful, experienced and effective interim management consultants. We have worked with interim management for years and have a large client portfolio within this area.

How do we do it?

business analysis

In depth analysis 

Management Audit

Experience based solutions

Balanced growth

Management coaching

Management mentorship

Development of sales organisation

Development of partners and distribution channels

Development of strategies for growth

Development of board teams

Development of management teams

Change management

Structural changes

Project coaching

Organizational development

Project management

Interim management

Interim management for leading positions, such as e.g.




Sales manager

Customer support manager

Marketing manager

With whom do we do it?

Food Processing Company

Strategic as well as operative assignments at one of the largest food processing industries in Sweden. At this client we have made strategic evaluation of their overall IT-environment as well as acted as interim CIO for the entire company group and supervising the launch of a new ERP-system.

Leading Supplier of Supply Chain Software

Strategic as well as operative assignments at one of Europe’s leading suppliers of Supply Chain IT. Our role at the customer has varied from develop a strategic framework for an IT-strategy as well as acted as interim CIO for the company group.

Public Transportation Company

Several strategic as well as operative assignments at one of the largest transportation companies in Sweden. Our tasks at the client has included e.g. Interim Management roles on C-level in Sales, Marketing and Customer support, Project management of launching new vital products, Reorganization on company group level and Senior advisor for business development strategies.

Real Estate Agency

We assisted in creating a completely new business plan for the client with focus on a balanced growth plan. The assignment included also individual coaching for the CEO and key members in the management team for the implementation of the plan.

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Would you like us to do it?

For me, as the CEO and main owner for the real estate agency Landgren, The Company Gardeners has given me a valuable and almost necessary mentorship. It has developed me, the company as well as the employees. Structure and focus will not happen by itself!  I am glad that The Company Gardeners put the “crash ramparts” on our autostrada. We are still driving fast but much more straight ahead.


Peter Landgren CEO Landgren & Co AB

 Referemce customer - Öresundståg

We have worked with The Company Gardeners at several occasions and for different assignments. They have been supporting us to improve the dialogue and working processes in our board and line of operations. I would be very pleased to work with them again


Gunnar Wulff, CEO Öresundståg AB